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Wednesday, February 2, 2005 Save the letters succeeded, once again, his stunt.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005 Save the letters succeeded, once again, his stunt. Their dictated proposed 2300 second student does as much daily. Paradoxically, in the Figaro, found the most nuanced view and a perspective on the reasons for the poor results of this test. While Liberation lends an ear too complacent to this small group media. Is there a link with the declining level of spelling? No, it’s a much more serious matter. It must also read in several newspapers a resumption of launching the information campaign on the dangers of cannabis. In high school, "there is a kind of fatality, everyone acted as if it did not exist," said a teacher in the world. An estimated one in five boys experimented cannabis use from the age of 15 and at least one in three to 18 years smoked. And if the future law on schools was unconstitutional? Those who ask this question are nothing less than the President of the National Assembly Jean-Louis Debre and President of the Constitutional Council, Pierre Mazeaud. It is read in Le Monde, which also contains information on the schoolgirl mobilization. Good reading… ——————————————— – 02/02/05 Liberation One thousand students are ignoring the reform Fillon When the students took to the streets, hard to know where to turn. Yesterday, they were more than a thousand gathered near the Ministry of Education in Paris, running on the boulevards, some towards the National Assembly, others to the Luxembourg Gardens, or to Louis High School -Great. Few banners, no specific password, just a power to rival the big unions, and the name of Fillon loop in their slogans. Read more of the article Students increasingly draws in dictation, whose fault? The level drops. This is the meaning ascribed to prove the collective Saving letters in an unpublished assessment available on the association’s website. high school teachers have passed 2300 second general technological or students accompanied by a dictation grammar questions, and have corrected them from the scales and regulations in force until 1999 at GCSE. They then compared the results with those of a similar experiment conducted in 2000. Result final, according to the collective: "In 28% of students in 2000 who had zero to the dictation of the patent in 1988, the proportion rose to 56% in 2004. "in grammar Wrong answers range from 50% to 90%! Cracks are also less likely: 9.27% ??15/20 or more in 2000; 6.01% in 2004. No major trap yet in the exercises. A text of Alphonse Daudet, extracted from Monday Tales and given the brevet in 1988 Read More Article ———————– ———————- Le Figaro pointed Zero 02/02/05 spelling Absolutely zero in spelling. This is the conclusion drawn by the group Save the letters after writing a dictation of the patent to some 2 300 students of second class. The result proved "catastrophic. More than one in two (56.4%) achieved a zero, "notes the collective letters from teachers. Given the length of the text, "more than a quarter of students can not write without committing at least two mistakes per line," they add. In detail of the survey, just over 9% of students over thirty mistakes. Conversely, no more than 6% of the students scored above 15. […] On the reasons for the decline and ways to curb it, opinions are divided. "Annually, French hours have decreased but are still the champions in Europe on the amount of current," says Roger Chudeau. In primary, "the weekly program of language learning has never been more important. The teachers must spend twelve hours a week in CP and CE1 and thirteen hours CE2 to CM2 "since 2002. New texts Viviane Youx, the return to old methods is not the solution. "I agree that we need probably revise schedules in college and some priorities, but it is surely not by giving in 2005 the methods from 1950 that we will succeed. I would say the opposite. "Read more of the article Cannabis alert state with 850,000 regular smokers, including 450 000 daily, the French youth are among the largest European consumers of cannabis. For the first time in Europe, a fact shock campaign on the evils of this drug will try to convince them that smoking can have adverse effects on their lives withdrawal, schooling … But cannabis also serious health consequences – hallucinations, delirious, schizophrenia – as shown by recent scientific studies. Read more of the article "small joint" in the morning before class, they are between 15 and 20 years and are enrolled in a high school in eastern Paris. Cannabis is part of their daily lives. Before the gates of the establishment, they talk easily, unaware of the dangers and totally impervious to talk about prevention. […] Read more from the article "Jean-Baptiste drowning" Like many suddenly confronted with relatives drug their child, he said today he believed his family safe. He himself felt sufficiently informed, conscious, responsible to be sure to detect early signs, should there be. And then it happened, and it was too late. This father testifying today to Le Figaro never let anyone say before him that "the hash, it’s no big deal." Read more of the article Philippe Douste-Blazy: "We must tell the truth to young people" The Health Minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy, justifies the campaign through public health arguments. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 02/02/05 In France, school is compulsory for all Richard Moyon is the coordinator of Education without borders. A very young network that publicly manifest, first through France, determination. The plight of undocumented students is produced by a set of laws and texts that accumulate since 1986, creating a real gas plant, scheduled to make young undocumented. It is not an accident, it is a real will to eviction of a number of people outside the law. So for us it is to tackle the root of evil, these texts that produce situations increasingly unacceptable with arrests in schools and using children to get their hands on parents. All because the current Minister of the Interior wants to outdo its predecessor, placed 12,000 evictions to 20 000. This is a completely politician choice. Expel a family is making figure: four or eight people at once in a single procedure is more cost effective than arrest the undocumented one by one. Read more of the article minors and young adults in danger Tour de France of recent cases that resulted in homework help
a mobilization against evictions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien 02/02/05 the school wants to keep his undocumented This is a first. Everywhere in France, young people, parents and teachers are mobilizing today to defend the students threatened with expulsion without papers. At least 10,000 pupils, schoolchildren or high school students would be affected. Read more of the article "They told me I had one month to leave the country," There is still mail Eliane Every day, three or four shells land in the mailbox of the Lycee Voltaire, in the eleventh arrondissement of Paris. The staff is accustomed […] Read more of the article mobilization, it pays Mama Diomande, undocumented high school student from Cote d’Ivoire, yesterday received a letter from the Seine-Saint-Denis prefecture informing that a student residence permit had just been granted to him. Student in BEP Bartholdi school of Saint-Denis, she has been fighting for weeks to get their regularization. Around her unfailing solidarity of his teachers and classmates who did not hesitate to demonstrate before the Bobigny prefecture January 12 and circulating a petition with 650 signatures. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 02/02/05 education zero risk at school and in the families, parents exigeances security are becoming larger, limiting the field of children’s activities. real or fantasized dangers? Read more of the article The end of supervised personal work divisive This article (in which I interviewed) is not brought online and is only readable on the paper version of the newspaper. Read the newspaper Summary ——————————————— — 20 minutes from 02/02/05 moderate campaign on the joint Describe the harm of cannabis without adding. Denounce his "problematic use" by fringe smoking, not its occasional consumption. This is the challenge of the press campaign launched today by the Department of Health and launched on February 8 for the general public. Read more of the article Support for the prep of Saint-Denis yesterday renewed strike at Paul Eluard school in Saint-Denis (93), where teachers are protesting against the decision to close a preparatory course in September. This is to date the only class prep located in priority education zones (ZEP). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 02/02/05 the national Education face the European challenge by Jean-Michel Djian, associate Professor at the University of Paris VIII. How to reconcile our European identity with the sense of national identity remains strong in our culture and our politics? Such is the contradiction Francois Fillon, Minister of Education, faces, a few months before the implementation of a controversial orientation law and the referendum on the European Constitution. For, apart from advanced real community that allowed, for twenty years, progress on trade, diploma equivalence and mobility of teachers, the actual training of the student is and remains national. The various treaties on this point unambiguously. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 03/02/05 Debre alert the government about the risk of censorship of the school Act the booklet in hand, he struck out a line items that angry the ail. Jean-Louis Debre, President (UMP) in the National Assembly, decided to go on a crusade against the laws it deems swollen, the risk of offending the majority. "We must legislate less but better," Does -he told the World. He found a whole intended victim: the framework law for the future of the school, to be presented to MPs by Francois Fillon, Minister of Education, 15, 16 and 17 February. In December 2004, the State Council had already delivered discreetly, mixed feelings about the Fillon law. The minister had revised its copy, to submit a draft law to clean cabinet of 12 January. Still, of the 62 articles included in the latest version of this text, Mr. Debre still believes that many of them are not under the law. […] Mr. Debre in talks with Prime Minister , Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the end of last week and then with Mr Fillon. He reminded them of the "political risk" than would weigh a possible censure by the Constitutional Council on an important law for the government. Pierre Mazeaud, the president of the high court had, first, warned the government at its wishes to the President of the Republic on 4 January. He denounced the "lack of clarity and intelligibility" of contemporary legislation, saying that "the legislature can not refer to administrative and judicial authorities the task of fixing the rules which the determination has been entrusted by the Constitution that ‘to the law". Mr. Mazeaud had also talked about the "degeneration of the law instrument of political show, display law" and warned that "the Constitutional Council -etait- now ready to censor" what he called "neutron legislative ". Read more of the article Cannabis and pedagogy According to the French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction, 850,000 people regularly smoke cannabis, France, and 450,000 of them use it daily. The various studies available on the French population allow to consider more broadly than ten million people have consumed this plant, now grown and sold all over the world. Cannabis use tends to spread more in young people, and especially among teenagers and even preteens. To the point that we can consider that a boy of five experiments cannabis use from the age of 15 years and that it becomes a habit for the same proportion of young people at the age of 18. This inventory is worrisome for two reasons. First, it is now established that teens who regularly smoke cannabis are victims of a school desinsertion, sometimes social withdrawal. The problems with concentration and memory loss are the two most cited phenomena. Read more of the article In high school, "there is a kind of fatality, everyone acted as if it did not exist" In the testimonies that follow, the majority of teachers have agreed to speak on condition that of anonymity, saying they did not want to damage the reputation of their school. Read more of the article The student movement is growing against the Fillon law While hundreds of students appear for a fortnight all over France to protest against the policy of Mr. Fillon on Tuesday, February 1, hundreds of them gathered around the Ministry of education. A delegation was received by the Ministry, but the spontaneous movements and including a wide variety of claims continue to spread. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, February 2, 2005

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